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Pickles & Sauces


PRIYA Green chilli Pickle 300gm

Hot, fresh and best variety Green Chillies are made into a special pickle garnished with exciting ingredients. ... Contains: Sliced Green Chillies, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Lime Juice, Fenugreek Powder, Turmeric Powder, Acetic Acid and Mixed S

PRIYA Ginger Pickle 300gm

PRIYA's Ginger Pickle is a biting pungent & spicy pickle processed with fresh ginger, refined oil & aromatic spices. ... Contains: Ginger Paste, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Jaggery, Iodized Salt, Tamarind Extract, Red Chilli, Fenugreek, Citric Acid, Turmeric,


The authentic Mango indulgence of South India, cut mango pickle has a special recipe made out of carefully sourced mangoes. It is a favorite accompaniment of Indian Meals,breakfast and even snacks.

Delispice Mixed Pickle 300gm

Mixed pickles are pickles made from a variety of vegetables mixed in the same pickling process. Mixed pickles are eaten much like other pickles: in small amounts to add flavor and to accent a meal. Mixed pickles appear in many different world cuisines.

PRIYA Gongura Pickle 300 gm

Priya Gongura pickles will breach the boundaries of bliss. Contains: Gongura Leaves, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Tamarind Extract, Chilli Powder, Mixed Spices, Mustard Seeds, Dry Chillies and Curry Leaves.


Priya's Mango Avakaya Pickle is made of delicious diced mangoes in oil. Zest up your meal with this mouth-watering pickle. Ingredients: Mango pieces, salt, oil, mustard powder, chili powder, fenugreek powder and turmeric powder.

PRIYA Garlic pickle 300gm

Priya's Garlic Pickle is a great combination of mild Indian baby garlic with chilli and authentic spices. It is very tangy and spicy taste. ... Garlic, Edible Vegetable Oil, Iodiesed Salt, Chilli Powder, Musteard Powder, Water Synthetic Vinegar, Citric Ac


Mango Thokku is a raw mango pickle variety that is famous in South India and is deliciously spicy and tangy! Grated mango, refined rice bran oil, salt, chili powder, Mustard powder, fenugreek powder, Mustard seeds, chillies, and other savory spices.


Priya's Lime Pickle was sour, spicy, sweet and pungent - all flavours embedded in one piece of lemon. One tiny bite would tickle your taste buds but leave them completely refreshed. ... Lime Pieces, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Lime Juice, Chilli

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